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Zebra is a procurement company specialising in premium interior materials. The goal is to design an identity that's different and adaptable. Zebra intend to branch off in the nearest time and want the logo to seamlessly capture all other branches of interior procurement they might want to branch into in the future.

The mark is four different sizes that make up a square. The symbol is super adaptable and we explore how it can branch into different elements. Our client was extremely please, we believe we achieve aim as this is what we want for all our clients.

Client: Zebra Sanitary
Year: 2021


Design lead
Creative direction
Digital translation
Visual design




The symbol is scalable and adaptable, we tried all sorts of applications that can be associated with Zebra and it clearly works. We consider a new relationship that can emerge in the future with Zebra. Zebra intend to go into construction, with the current identity we believe it will be easy to express any relationship that comes up with a visual language that represents a ‘powerful collaboration’. The brand speaks with confidence and clarity that matches its ambition. The identity instils modernity and differentiates Zebra as an inspirational procurement company.

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